Day 8/30 November

Hope everyone’s weekend  was fantastic and filled with  loud bangs, bright colours and sparkles! I will totally be judging you if you didn’t get wrapped up to meet up with friends, family and loved ones to watch the pretty fireworks! I certainly did! Although it was cold outside, I love making the most of getting my friends together this time of year!

To those who think I am going to be talking about the pretty fireworks followed by amazing pictures… I’m sorry to disappoint! I think every man and his dog turned up to my friend Ruth’s local town firework event! It was genuinely packed! Which is beautiful to be honest, seeing all those people, different ages, genders, beliefs and religions, all huddled up celebrating together! Due to the amount of people my friends and I ended up with a partial view of the fireworks! (so no fabulous photos sadly!) That didn’t dull our excitement though! It was a movie themed display, so songs where booming and you better believe we where singing along!

However, as I was getting ready to go watch the pretty lights it had occurred to me I hadn’t yet posted a fashion blog! So I decided to leap on this opportunity! Oh yes, prepare yourself! Hopefully the first of many to come!

One of my favourite quotes is..

‘I like my money right where I can see it. Hanging in my wardrobe’

– Carrie Bradshaw


… Okay it is confession time!


oh yes, very guilty! well I loooove a good shop! BUT.. what girl doesn’t?

I would not say I stick to one style! I like a multiple of different styles and will change/ flutter between depending on how I am feeling! Rocker, hipster, 80s, tomboy, artsy, girly, bohemian, preppy, right down to ‘the girl next door’, you name it and I’ve probably tried it! I’ve never really conformed to one style, don’t think I ever will.

This time of year I’m all about the layers. I love feeling snug as a bug in a rug basically! Without a doubt scarfs and bobble hats are my favourite accessory and anyone who truly knows me will 100% understand how excited I get about fluffy things such as a scarf! When it come to fabric designs I wouldn’t say I’m massively mad on patterns! I’ve been trying to branch out and wear floral but sometimes you can’t teach a old dog new tricks! I think that’s why I like layers, making up for the lack of patterns!

so here goes… Autumnal wrapped up and ready!


(apologises for the low quality picture!)

Looking at the image… looks like a lot of really simple items and quite a basic outfit! BUT.. let it sink in! These items alone are a mash up of ripped, wool, patch work, eyelets and lace work! Then you’ve got three major Autumn colours, Mustard, Burgundy and Emerald! Could this really work together? 

Damn straight it does!

JACKET / COAT – Khaki Eyelet back festival parker

I purchased this jacket from Missguided, it was £25 in the sale originally £45. It is actually still available, which I’m rather shocked about considering I purchased mine a few weeks back. What drew me towards the jacket is the eyelet detail, I just thought it was a bit different! Its light weight, has a adjustable waist cord that does wonders for my waist (so you don’t just look like a sack of potato’s!) … and the hood is HUGE! I believe there is nothing worse than a small hood on a jacket this time of year! The eyelet / laced up cross detail is on the back and both sleeve! Although it is a very simple design I actually love it! 



So I do not actually know the name of this particular hoodie, as I have owned it for at least 2 years! It’s definitely from Superdry, I think part of the track and athlete collection? (don’t quote me on that!). I can tell you that they constantly have zipped hoodies in stock, Varity of different colours and styles. I originally purchased this hoodie to go sailing in, as they are super warm. so perfect for those cold days!! Think these zipped hoodies are around the £45+ area!

When it comes to this look of a two layered hoods, any hoodie will work! My Superdry one just so happened to be the one I chose! You could just as easily pick up one from H&M, Primark or any highstreet shop!


JUMPER – Mustard Knit Jumper

I purchased this jumper last year in both mustard and burgundy from H&M. Its light weight, comfortable and I personally think the colour mustard is so fetching this time of year! My friend bought one this year in store, so they must have brought them back again (I’m presuming due to popularity). Unfortunately, I am unable to find a link! These styles of jumpers are very popular, if you fancy one yourself I would definitely advise having a mooch on ASOS aswel!

Im considering purchasing a oversized jumper covered in pompoms! How exciting!


SKINNY JEANS – Black Washed Amelie Super Skinny Ripped Jeans

I LEGIT LOVE THESE! They haven’t faded or became baggy! Might of well of painted them on to my legs! If your a skinny jeans lover like myself I suggest you invest! Also anyone with their own personal favourite skinny jeans brands, leave a comment below! I’d love to hear! The rips for me just make it a bit different, adds texture and I like to think the look is a high street watered down item based on the ‘Rocker‘ style! You can pick up a pair of these jeans for about £45!

Be prepared for grandparents/ the older generation to make jokes about the holes/ rips!!



The bobble hat is a purchase from NEXT last year, i would describe it as emerald green with woven in golden glittery strands of wool! (About £12) Sticking to those autumnal colours! When it comes to bobble hats I have them of all different shapes and colours! So once again just pop to your favourite high street shop and you’ll probably find a variety of different bobble hats this time of year!

Now the scarf was a Christmas present from my gal pal Anna! I do believe it is from H&M! Its fluffy, big enough to wrap round twice and gives those Harry Potter feels! TEAM GRIFFINDOR!!  

If only they sold a silver and green scarf! I’d slytherin to that… (more pun fun)


Another Christmas present, this time from the parents! I’d describe them as hiking boot.. possibly! Not 100% sure! I can tell you they are Doc Martens! They are comfortable (after you’ve worn them in), warm and waterproof! The tread last FOR…..EVER!

A couple of years back Doc Martens seemed hugely popular! They where in the fashion spot light and nearly everyone I knew splashed out and had some! So hopefully you’ll be able to dig deep in your wardrobe, find them and make more use of them in the winter months to come!

So here you have it, the look all together!


… and there you have it! Your first insight to my take on a simple Autumnal outfit!

Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…




Riverisland – Skinny Jeans





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