I SAW A FOX! I saw a fox the other day! I mean… yeah sure I thought it was a cat at first BUT it was a ickle FOXY!! With a big fluffy tail!  To say I get super excited when I see woodland animals is a H U G E understatement! I’ve actually once (several times) backed up my car to get a closer look at a owl! I’ve even pulled over to try save a little hedgehogs life but unfortunately that little guy had already passed! (R.I.P) 
As we speak the majority of my favourite beasties will be going in to hibernation! DID YOU KNOW, a hedgehog apparently slows their hearts rate to as little as 20 beats a minute! Little fun fact for you! 

Ooo Ooo! Completely different topic of animals… but lions can’t rawr till their 2 years old! How crazy cute!! Read that somewhere last week!

Thought I’d add that snippet of information in for you!

…I should really learn how to say hello and ask how everyone is doing at the beginning of my blog post. If you haven’t guess by now I get super excited over small, cute and fluffy things that side-track me from such things as a simple hello! sooo…

H E L L O! How are we all doing? Getting excited for Christmas? or still miserable that its no longer Halloween? Personally I’m somewhere in the middle, sad about having to say goodbye to Autumn but the Festivities to come through out December are getting me through! So if you haven’t guessed, although with the title of the blog I guess you will have guessed, this blog is me stamping my foot down.. AUTUMN IS OVER!

.. a lot of ‘guessed’ where used in the creating of the previous sentence.. if you haven’t already guessed.

OKAY. I’ll stop now!

Day 20/30 November

The dark nights have kicked in, frost has appeared on my car window, fairy lights are up and Christmas carols are on the radio! Sadly that for me marks the end of Autumn! It truly is the most beautiful season (In my opinion)! and I am so sad to have to say goodbye for another year! No more crunchy leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin carving or roasting marshmallows on bonfire night! But we don’t have to say goodbye to everything, we can swap our spice lattes for Costas festive Hot Chocolates such as Mint, Black forest and my current favourite Billionaires Hot chocolate!

Oooooh sooooo D R E A M Y 

For those who do not know the Billionaires drinks are available as a Hot Chocolate, Latte and Latte Frostino! <<< HOW EXCITING!!! It is a caramel based drink, with optional whipped cream and buttery biscuit crumbs on top! Is your mouth watering yet? mine sure is!

I do unfortunately have to say good bye to my ‘Witch please’ Halloween themed Jimjams (Pyjamas) and possibly my cat in witches hats bedding but we get to swap them for CHRISTMAS EVE PJS! and maybe even some low key festive bedding?

I’ll miss describing things as ‘Autumnal’, using term such a spookilicious, spooktacular and my personal favourite Ghouls & Ghosts instead of Guys and Gals! No more walking in to shops, cafes and the homes of friends and family with the warm welcome of Cinnamon, Apple & Pumpkin or Salted Caramel candles!

Time to put away the special effects make-up, bin your pumpkins, put away your plain mustard, burgundy and emerald jumpers (ready to swap them for the worst Christmas jumper you can find?) for another year!

On the bright side you’ve got one full year to start creating your next Halloween costume!!!

Rather than ramble on, become emotional and cry myself in to hibernation! Here is some of my favourite Autumnal pictures!





Guilty to several feet shots!

Don’t get to upset… as now its completely acceptable to start a

C H R I S T M A S – C O U N T – D O W N!


W A R N I N G! Future blogs will contain Christmas vibes, not suitable for the Bah Humbugs of the world!

Nothing like a short but sweet blog!
It’s been a blast autumn 🍁💕

Till next time,
Lots of love, your Gal FGA xx





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