G O O D   M O R N I N G !!

Welcome to the middle of the week or as many like to call it Hump-day! You’ll be happy to know that you are half way through the working week and rolling your way down to a well deserved Bank Holiday weekend! Y A Y !

Today this blog post is all about P O S I T I V I T Y!  Just what you need to pull you through to Friday!  I’ve seen this blog topic floating about the blogging world lately but it wasn’t till reading Foundations and Fairytales ’50 Happy Things’ that truly convinced me to write my own! I’ll leave the link to her blog post here!

I think it is way to easy to get hung up on the bad, stressful and damn right annoying things in our lives. Sometimes you need to take a step back and look at life in a different, more positive perspective. & what a better way to do it than taking the time to name 50 things that make you happy ?!

So with out futher ado, in no particular order…

50 Happy Things

1. Mac & Cheese

2. Woodland Animals – particularly Hedgehogs and Squirrels

3. Exploring

4. Air drying – After a Shower/Bath in a big fluffy towel

5. Independent Shops

6. Face Masks

7. Completing a blog post

8. Laughing till I cry

9. Feeling Nostalgic

10. Going for a walk just after rain fall

11. Getting home to fresh bedding after a long time away from home, snuggling on down and repeatedly saying ‘Bed, bed, bed, bed’.

12. 80s Fashion

13. Home Sense

14. Autumn

15. Wearing a scarf the size of a blanket in Autumn/Winter.

16. Carving Pumpkins

17. Halloween

18. Burnt orange scented candles

19. Tartan

20. Quirky Cocktails Bars

21. Roast potatoes covered in cheese sauce

22. Being all snug as bug in a big baggy hoodie – i.e la boyfriends

23. The crackle and pop sound of a open fire

24. Getting all glammed up for a special occasions

25. When my make-up/hair is on fleek

26. New Shoes

27. Catch-ups with my favourite gals

28. Sharing a hug

29. New matching lingerie

30. Using a fresh paint brush

31. Disneyland Paris Fireworks

32. Feeling super inspired

33. Reading relatable quotes

34. Emotional signing at the top of my voice in the shower/ while driving

35. The feeling after de-cluttering my room

36. Johnny Depp

37. Eating the last bit of chocolate around a magnum ice-cream stick

38. Silly code words with my bestie – i.e The Bloomingdale situation

39. Making fresh footprints in the snow – Ooo that crunch sound

40. capturing the perfect composition

41. Picking and decorating the Christmas Tree with my Mom

42. Christmas eve pyjamas

43. Jude Laws Jaw Line

44. Harry – The family puppa  – In particular the sound he makes when he yawn & his big floppy ears

45. Sex and The City – Movie & Series

46. When a book makes me smile & laugh like a goon

47. Being so comfortable in SDK company, that neither of use feel compelled to fill a silence. Just happy knowing the other one is there.

48. How my parents support me –  Through thick, thin & all my crazy style choices.

49. Wrapping presents

50. When SDK calls me by his silly little nicknames he has for me.

So there you have it, 50 things that make me happy. I had sooooo much fun doing this blog post. I actually sat with my parents and it was interesting to hear them name the things that make them happy. My Dad by far came out with some one the most interesting ones!!

So if you have a spare few minuets, are struggling for ideas for a blog post or simply need a positive pick me up! I challenge you to name 50 things that make YOU happy!!

Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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10 thoughts on “50 HAPPY THINGS

  1. Thanks for linking my post hun! I agree with so many things on your list like walking in fresh snow and scarves the size of blankets! Great post!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

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