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It’s a Sunday evening and I’m doing what I do best every Sunday, which consists of, SDK, Netflix and chills. After the most delish Sunday Dinner down our local marina with my friend LS and her boyfriend RW, SDK is now currently at my left hand side, having a little snooze before the football starts. So I’ve decided that this is the perfect time, to throw on some headphones, listen to some easy listening song and get typing up my latest and greatest blog posts.

Without further ado…SEPHORA MINI HAUL



This summer, SDK and i went to the little town of Salou in the North East of Spain. During our week stay we took the train out to Barcelona, it was approximately a 2 hour journey. I’ve always wanted to go to Barcelona, after that cheeky one day sneak peak, I will definitely be returning. We did what I would describe as a whistle stop tour of Sagrada Familia, La Rambles, Gothic Quarter and Cast Batllo. 

On our walk down to La Rambles, we passed a few shops and had a few nosey looks in. As I walked out of one I came face to face with Sephora, it was a bit of a fan girls squeak kind of reaction. SDK didn’t fully understand my excitement, he passed it off as a ‘Fin Thing’. It didn’t take much convincing to get him to go in, because…

A) He knows I’m a quick shopper.
B) He likes it when I do my super happy jump on the spot

& C) You could enter the shop via A SLIDE! oh yes you heard me correctly.  S L I D E !


I didn’t come out empty handed either (obviously… title of blog gives that away).
Here is what I purchased…


Hair Mask – Kocostar

Know that saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, well not only do I do that… but that is also how I pick my cosmetics. Especially when it comes to face / hair masks. After it taking me sooooooo long to grow my hair out, I’m always looking for new shampoo & conditioners, oils and other hair care to maintain my lovely long locks. I have yet to try a hair mask, so during my first ever Sephora haul, I thought WHY NOT !?!

I’ve still to try out this hair mask but I have read several positive reviews. so fingers crossed!


Next up…

Face Masks – TonyMoly

How insane is this packaging!? The illustrations are so bright, modern and relevant. I’m one of those weird cosmetic nerds who has a great appreciation for the design of packaging. So it was no surprise I was starry eyed and obsessed with these face masks. I decided to try Avocado, Acerola and Tomato. I love how at the top of each packet it outlines what each face mask is for i.e Nutrition, Skin Lively and Radiance. So it’s a quick way to pin point the one that would be perfect for your skin type.

I have actually tried one of these face masks so far, I went for the Acerola. Acerola for those who do not know (…& I did not know till recently), is a fruit, in particular a cherry.
The face mask was a-maze-ing! It smelt delicious, really moist, smooth and had a bit of a tingly feeling whilst on. I left it on for the full recommended time of 30 minutes, after which I washed my face and was left with smooth skin and a healthy glow.

These face masks just make me soooo H A P P Y !
Highly recommend! 



Bad Gal BANG! – Benefit

It’s like every blogger and her bestie owns this mascara & I honestly do not blame them as it is fantastic. Lately us beauty addicts have been blessed with a strong collection of a-maz-ing mascaras. ‘Better Than Sex’ by Too Faced, ‘Roller Lash’ by Benefit and ‘Fully Fat Lashes’ by Charlotte Tilbury, just to name a few.

I’ve been a regular user of Benefits ‘They’re Real’ for a few years now, so when I heard about all the positivity revolving around ‘BadGal BANG!’ I couldn’t resist buying it. Since buying it I have been using it regularly and I’ve got to say it is fabulouso. Your left with super long dark black lashes in one swish and it really does last a considerable amount of hours… I haven’t tried and tested their 36 hours of wear theory though.

If you love ‘They’re Real!’ I have no doubt that you won’t love ‘BadGal BANG!’.

Up Now…


Pro Filt’r – Soft Matte Longwear Foundation – Fenty Beauty 

I’ve been trying to get my hands on this for what must be just nearly over a year. It’s had soooo many great reviews but I did not want to buy online without first testing some against my skin tone. Just before Christmas last year, I was in Harvey Nichols where I had the pleasure of trying it out. Unfortunately the shop was closing so I didn’t have time to make a purchase. So when I was in Sephora I definitely was not passing up this opportunity.

Fenty Beauty make-up experts were super helpful, talking me through a range of their products and fixed me up with my perfect skin tone. I’ve been using this product mainly on weekends and special occasions… really don’t want to run out of it! 

The coverage is really quite mind-blowing, its a medium to full coverage something that would normally not work well on my skin and would leave it looking slightly cakey but with this foundation it really wasn’t the case. If anything the final finish mimicked my skin tone and texture R E A L L Y  well!

Highly, HIGHLY, H I G H L Y recommend!!



Born To Run Eyeshadow Palette – Urban Decay

“Treat Yo Self’ – SDK

It really didn’t take much convincing. Honestly, have I been living underneath a rock? How did I not know know about this eyeshadow palette? or at least see it floating around in the Instagram world?

What I love most about the palette is how every shade I honestly L O V E! The shades are beautiful, simply mesmerising.  I walked back and forth from it several times thinking.. should I? shouldn’t I? That’s when the little devil on my shoulder appeared in the form of SDK, whispering “Treat Yo’ Self”. At that point I knew there was no turning back.  The majority of each columns perfectly compliment each other, so I see a strong potential for a lot of a-maze-ing crease-cuts and smokey eyes! so… watch this space!

My favourite top three shades have got to be.. Ignite, Wanderlust & Baja!
F.Y.I super pigmented!


I’ve had soooo much fun writing this blog post, reviewing the products and I hope that it reflects in my writing. If you enjoyed what I had to say why not check out my latest and greatest!



Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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18 thoughts on “SEPHORA MINI HAUL

  1. Born to run is a great palette. UD rarely gets it wrong huh! I particularly love the shade hell ride and I’ve heard that their next Naked palette will be called Cherry and will be all pinkish tones like Hell Ride (posted a pic on my blog if you’re interested).

    I also really like TonyMoly masks. K beauty ftw!

    I still haven’t purchased any Fenty beauty products but I’d like to try out the foundation too. The thing is that I have to buy it online and I’m not sure I’ll get the right match. And, considering the price, it would be stupid to buy the wrong shade!

    Kate |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is very true, can never really go wrong with UD. I haven’t ever really tried pinky tones, might have to dabble in that colour and see if I suit it!

      That’s how I felt about Fenty Beauty, it’s a lot of money for it to come and then not match your skin!

      Thanks for commenting Kate!! 😁

      Finlay Grace xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I really want that Born To Run palette but I’ve put myself on a ‘high-end’ spending ban 😦 maybe I’ll treat myself to it at Christmas! When we go to Paris in December if I get chance to go into the shopping centre I’ll definitely be heading to Sephora to make some purchases!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wait till near or after Christmas it might be on sale they you won’t feel as guilty for buying another eyeshadow palette!

      I’ve heard a few people not be a fan of the Foundation now. It works really well for me, I’m really pale and really dry skinned though so I dunno 🤷🏼‍♀️


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