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Make a cuppa, light a candle, grab the biscuits and sit on down. This blog post is all about them cosy autumnal vibes. Y A Y!

As much as I have enjoyed the summer fun… I am a little lost in those summer rays, never know what to wear or what to do with myself. My comfort zone is Autumn/Winter, covered in layers, oversized jumpers, chunky boots, scarfs the sizes of blankets and bobble hats so big that it will make you question the strength of a human neck!

So this weekend I took it upon myself to go scouring the shops for some autumnal interior goodness. & boy oh boy did I find some goodies.



This little bundle of autumnal goodness was bought from Tkmax (..where dreams are made) and Asda Home. I have been a big fan of both the Tkmax stores and Asdas home section since I can remember. I think some people do not always realise that Asda Home is incredible, although yes it is within a supermarket.. but their design team is simply fantastic.

As for Tkmax, they are in a sorta partnership with Home Sense. Which if you didn’t know is basically a interior heaven company!

So… What did I purchase?


First lets talk TKMax. 

Honestly, TKMax is like my second home. I love spending hours (…no exaggeration) browsing the contents of the store, finding cheeky bargains, quirky items and above all leaving feeling inspired. My latest browse of the shop, was for the soul propose of autumnal interior items. Lately I have definitely felt a chill in the air, so I thought there is no time like the present to give my bedroom a little autumnal face lift.

My tick list (oh yeah I had a shopping list) basically looked a little like this..

1) Orange Pillows
2) Candles
3) Fairy Lights
4) Autumnal Bedding
5) Throw

& I believe I did a smashing job at sourcing out all of the items. Plus, a cheeky extra. 

Hey Pumpkin – Candle 

D E V I N E. Actually incredible. If you have been in TKMax, you are well aware they have   THE BEST, hands down, candle selection in interior shopping history. (I’m dramatic. I know). B U T, seriously they do. There was a bundle of different autumnal candles, which I was quite surprised by, considering it was mid August when I went about this haul. This little guy caught my eye straight away, cute typography, lovely bright colour, simplistic, modern and above alllll give off the most beautiful smell.

That little guy went straight in my basket.

Price: £2.99


Ceramic Hand Painted Cup – Joyye

This was my cheeky little extra purchase. I know it was not on my shopping list but I really couldn’t resist. I mean who really sticks to their shopping list anyways? I own an odd collection of cups, no two are the same. I love the size of it, big enough to cup both hands around it, which I think will be perfect in those cold months. You can picture it now, a rich orange hot chocolate, topped with marshmallows and cream so thick, after you take a sip you’ll be left with a cream mush stash!

The colours are simply beautiful and if it isn’t to blogger-ish of me to say… won’t it look fabulous in flat-lays?

Price: £4.99


Glass Jack’o’Face Pumpkins – String Light Decor

I love halloween. It is no secret. So there was no way I was leaving the shop with out these cute little lights. I visioned them draped above my bed… hopefully on my headboard when I get round to making it. As I get older, the opportunity to get dressed up seems become harder and harder. So I like to get involved in other Halloween festivities… such as decor, pumpkin carving, festive baking and even the odd Halloween Festival when such opportunity arrises. Best part of these Pumpkin lights are that they are of a high quality, at first touch I actually thought they where glass they are that thick and well made!

I have a few festivities lined up this year & am supppperrrr excited to share them with you!

Price: £12.99

Now… the ASDA Living purchases!


Woodland Animal Print Bedding – Double Duvet Set

In my latest blog post 50 Happy Things, which you can read here. I listed woodland animals as one of the 50 things that made me happy. I don’t know what it is about woodland animals but I just get soooo excited and a warm fuzzy feeling inside when I see one. They are so C U T E. In particular I really do love hedgehogs, whats not to love about them! What drew me to this bedding is that its white and airy, its not crammed and is easy to accessories. I love white bedding with a quite spaced design, makes a room feel bigger. Its also the first brushes cotton bedding I’ve own, soooo dreamy and soft!!

Price: £17


Warm Orange Pillows – Decorative Pillows 

At £4 a pillow who’s going to say no?! I wanted some basic coloured pillow as a foundation, why in the meantime I look for some unique patterned ones to build in a bit of character. Im on the hunt for a little circle or triangle with heavy embroidery. If in doubt I may have to get out the sewing machine and make myself one!

Such a simple accessory but with the right colour, makes a H U G E impact! 

Price: £4


Orange Throw – Bedding Accessory

Okay… so im a bit thrown (Couldn’t resist the Pun-Fun) by this, on the ASDA website this Throw is described as red! Correct me if I’m wrong but that looks like a burnt orange to me? and now my minds boggled! I picked it up in store under the influence of thinking it was the perfect orange to compliment my orange pillows and fairy lights! Let me know in the comments what you think?


Either which way, I I’m in love with this Throw. I have a small double bedding, so its a perfect fit. Only little problem I’m having is due to the wide weave I have caught my rings on it a few times but I can live with that. I do think throws pull the full bed together, gives it that final touch of comfort. Can never have to many layers this time of year!

Price: £12


Hope you enjoyed my first Autumnal haul, there will be plenty more to come over the next two months! Hope this inspires you to get out your finger and make a room of your home all autumnal and cosy!

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  1. I love all of these items! 😍 But my favourites have to be the Hey Pumpkin candle and the fairy lights. I like the throw as well but agree with you, it’s more burnt orange than red, which still goes great with your new duvet and cushions. You’ve got me in an Autumal mood – this is definitely my favourite time of year.
    Kim |

    Liked by 1 person

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