“There were rules you never told me
Never came up with a plan
All the stories that you sold me
Didn’t help me understand”

                                                                                             – Paul McCartney

My latest discovery and now growing obsession is Sacred Hawk Clothing. I love that feeling of scrolling through clothing websites, not looking for anything in particular and then B A M!! you’re hit with love at first sight.

Lets get something straight, I’m not fashionable. Not even a little bit. Fashion to me is a bit of a fad, its not going to last, it comes and it goes. To be in fashion is to walk in to any high end high-street shop, buy whats on the mannequin and T A D A ! Your in fashion. Thats not to say that I don’t like some fashion trends, at the end of the day fashion is forever revolving through different styles and genres. So the styles and genres that I’m genuinely interested in are bound to pop up from time to time.

What I like to think I have is… personal style. I like items that will last, that will never go out of style & also able to multi style the item with several garments, for multiple kinda of occasions. I love one off pieces, feeling like I’m the only one in close proximity who owns a certain item & if not I love to think that the way I style garments together is quite unlike anyone else.

I live in a bubble… I’m aware of that!

Lets get in to it…



Where did I hear of SHC?

Basically, I was browsing through ASOS looking for a military jacket when I came across theirs, which I instantly fell in love with. From there I searched SHC in Asos search bar and spent a hour gawking at their items and putting plenty of things in my Wishlist.

A real case of love at first sight. 

So.. What did I purchase? 


Sacred Hawk Military Jacket 

Obviously, the military jacket. Its a deep red, loose fit jacket with military detail and plenty of bold gold rope work around the coughs. Throw on a crop top and black skinny jean with this slung over and you’ve got yourself a statement garment perfect for a night out. Especially if you pair it with some killer heels. Fancy dressing it down? Well… due to its loose nature its perfect for chucking a hoodie underneath, adding some multi pocketed grey skinnys and some Doc Martens and your ready to go stomping.

Love. Love. Love.

Price: £36



Sacred Hawk Embellished Beret Hat 

I’ve always loved hats, since I was little. I didn’t mind wearing the ones no one else did either, I actually have a vivid memory of me wearing a Jester hat with bells and everything when I was younger. I also went through the wearing every animal on my head possible stage. Think I still own a Owl and Bear wooly hat! I’ve always like Berets, I just had not found the right one. Sacred Hawks Beret has a piece of hard plastic in it to help it holds it shape, as well as an adjustable cord at the back, that double up as a cute bow when tied correctly. I had waited long enough but it was worth it, as I’m super happy with it!

What drew it to me most was the feather detail, for me a feather will always represent freedom.

Price: £10

Sacred Hawk Studded Mini Skirt

This was a bit of a nostalgic purchase. I use to be rather ‘alternative’, well thats the way I would describe it. Something this would have been my cuppa tea about 10 years ago. This one is a little low key compared to what I use to wear but am I still young and hip enough to pull it off? You be the judge of that! As well as the dark red panels down the side and the studs, this skirt also has a lace up front with eyelets and two belt loops for detail.

I’m one of those girls born with next to no titties and a big booty to make up for it. So my waist to booty ratio really does differ. So this skirt fit perfectly around ones peach but did  bag a bit around my waist. due to this I added some loop holes at the back so I could wear a belt with this.

All in all though, solid 9/10!

Price: £22.50

Final opinions:

To put it in a nut shell, I would totally buy from this company again. The quality is fab, very true to size and they fill me with confidence when I’m rocking them. My Asos wish list is currently full of their products, so no doubt you’ll be seeing a few of them appear over my social platforms!

I suggest y’all to check out both their products of Asos and they have their own website.


P.s I havent listed my accessories that I’m wearing in my snaps as I just wanted to keep it to a Sacred Hawk Clothing review. However, if you are interested in anything, feel free to leave a comment down below and I’ll help you the best I can!

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Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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