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“So, good mornin’, good mornin’!
Sun beams will soon smile through,
Good mornin’, good mornin’, to you.”
                                                                                        – Gene Kelly
                                                                                           – Singing in the Rain

Autumn has struck! & that means I’m super stoked, as I have so much to share with you all in the next few weeks. A mixture of personal style, recipes, make-up looks and soooo much more will be coming your way! Time to vacuum pack  your summer dresses, bikinis and floppy hats! Get ready for bobble hats, thick sock and all of the layers. Lets kick off this pumpkin-fest with the most autumnal eyeshadow palette you ever did see…


ColourPop 'YES, PLEASE!' Eyeshadow review

Bit of a background on ‘Colour Pop Cosmetics’ for those of you who know nothing about the company. Colour Pop was founded in 2014 by Laura Nelson and John Nelson (Siblings). They are a cruelty free company based in LA, who describe their products as high quality & wallet friendly.

I’ve known about this company for a while now and have been apart of their instagram followers, who awe at their dreamy pictures. Several of their products have caught my eye over the years, however somehow its took me this long to make a purchase. I always thought that the first product I would ever purchase from ColourPop would be a lipstick.

This purchase without a doubt was an impulse purchase. Its was a Friday morning, I was sat on the stairs waiting for my Dad so we could set of to work. Three things helped me make my impulse purchase:

A) There was a sale on eyeshadow palettes.

B) ‘Yes Please’ is a beautiful collection of autumnal shades.

C) Friday was payday.

So there you have it, a mixture of those three reasons and this girl made a make-up purchase before 8AM on a Friday morning. What a perfect way to start a weekend! 

ColourPop 'YES, PLEASE!' Eyeshadow review

A few weeks went by, when I came in one day from work with a slip through the door from the Royal Mail. It had been so long for a second I forgot what I had ordered. I rushed down to the Royal Mail collection point, collected my box that came with a gold print of ‘MADE IN LA’ on the side. I couldn’t control my excitement so whipped it open in the car.

It was boxed B-e-a-utifullyyyy! 

I honestly really love when you can tell that a company is not just passionate about their products but everything that co-insides with buying and receiving a product. As I opened the box, on the underside of the lid was a light blue gradual fading background with the ColourPop logo printed in the middle. I was greeted with a little colourful postcard and a quirky little illustration. I thought it was a super cute touch!

My Eyeshadow palette came in a layer of bubble wrap and to my delight not one eyeshadow was damaged. I mean there was ALOT of bubble wrap, so I’d hope not! The exterior of the eyeshadow box is embossed with a square print repeat pattern and on the back is a layout of the 12 Eyeshadows and their names. The Eyeshadow palette its self is matte grey with ‘YES, PLEASE!’ typography wrote across the middle. Its no bigger than the post card and is simply kept shut with a magnetic strip!


ColourPop 'YES, PLEASE!' Eyeshadow Review

The ‘YES, PLEASE!’  palette contains nine matte shades and three metallic shades. All of which are extremely silky & pigmented. In the photo above I did a swatch of the first 6 shades which are (from bottom of my arm to top), Spoiled, GNO, Bling, Champs, Big Cocktails and Full Zip. I primed my arm just like I would my face before applying make-up so I could give you guys the must true colour swatch.


Once again I primed my arm just as I would my eyes before adding make-up. In the photo above I swatched the last 6 shades which are (from bottom of my arm to top), French Kiss, Chauffeur, Note To Self, Mischief, Louie & Butter Cake. 

Overall, my top three favourite shades after doing the swatches are… Bling, Big Cocktails & Louie. I am sooo excited to use this palette, I think every shade brings something new to the table. They all seem to elegantly match one another, so I think there will be several eye popping make-up looks that I can create with the ‘YES, PLEASE!’ palette.

Final Opinions:

I need to be honest…I am disappointed in one shade. Which is Spoiled. Upon opening the palette, it was the one I was most excited about swatching. I expected it to be richer and slightly darker. I’m not going to write it off just yet though, as I have a few make-up looks I would like to test and trial. Once its on my eyelid I might love it! Never know!

Appart from that, I’m super happy with their consistency. The creamy almost silky touch is actually a-maze-ing! The collection of shades are very complimentary to one another and I think I’ll be touching pan with more than just one shades by the end of the year!

So I’m going to give ‘YES, PLEASE!’ a… 8.5/10!


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  1. I love the look of this palette I’ve wanted it for so long and after seeing your swatches I’m regretting not picking it up when I ordered from Colourpop on Friday! Can’t wait to see what eye looks you come up with using this!

    Jess //

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