Summer is officially over, as Sunday 23rd September has finally struck & I’m already a few blog posts deep in to this festive filled season. It is no secret that I love Autumn along with what seems to be 99% of my twitter following. So time to say goodbye to summer. See you later summer rays. TTFN bikini body. Farewell.

So to kick off this new season, I thought I’d start by channeling all of my excitement in to telling you guy 5 amazing reasons why I’m super (…and you should be to) stoked for Autumn.

What a better way to give Autumn a warm welcome?





1/5 Fall Festivities 

   There is no better time of year to go outside and explore. Spending my days having long walks in the countryside, exploring natures beauty such as colourful leaves, wild mushrooms and woodland animals. While capturing a colourful snap here and there #forthegram. Going pumpkin picking with friends, then spending an evening carving them surrounded by good company, delicious food and the odd cheeky cocktail. Movie nights in, attempting to make it through a full horror film but secretly wishing it was a Harry Potter marathon instead. Of course Halloween, the one chance a year it is socially acceptable to go out in fancy dress. My favourite holiday.

There is always something to be doing, places to discover, events, exhibitions etc etc. …The list goes on and on!


2/5 My Wardrobe 

  – I believe I have mentioned more than just a few times how much I love the colder months rather than the warmer & why is that you may wonder? is something wrong with me? No! (..well yes a little) B U T… you can always add another layer. However, during warmer weather there is only so many layers you can take off till your simply stood in your birthday suit.

So come at me cold months, as me and all my chunky jumpers, stompin boots, blanket sized scarfs, over-sized bobble hats and thick fluffy socks are ready for you! Currently I’m absolutely living for this olive green light cotton dress, with large decorative buttons. The cold weather hasn’t fully hit us so I’m still able to rock the bare legs. Even if there is a chill in the air, I’ll just throw on a leather jacket, tartan scarf and baker boy hat and this girl is ready to goooo!

P.s How cool are my chilli socks please? 

3/5 Sprinkle of spice

  – I love chilli. Fullstop. My Mom went through an obsession when I was younger (yes, Mom it was an obsession) of putting chilli in to next to nearly every meal. Even recipes that didn’t traditionally have chilli in them. B U T hey ho clearly she wanted to blow the lips of our faces. As a result of her crazy obsession I actually fell in love with chilli. I’m always trying new chilli infused products along with other spices.

So for those daring bunch of chilli lovers, keep your eyes pealed as chilli infused recipes are coming your way S O O N ! !



4/5 Interior Comforts 

  –  I honestly believe there is no better time of year to decorate your home than Autumn. You can go wild with chunky throws and mountains of different shaped pillows. Bring nature into your home with a hand-made wreath, garlans or maybe just a bunch of wild flowers placed in your favourite vase. Let’s not forget about candles, wax melts and infusers. Nothing quite sets a homely feeling than the light scent of your favourite seasonal candle floating through your home.

Check out one of my recent blog posts where I’ve already started adding a touch of autumnal warmth to my bedroom here.


5/5 Creativity

  – Honestly, I just feel at one with my creativity this time of year. Everything is soooo inspiring! I have a list the length of my arm of blog posts I can not wait to share with you.  I’m so inspired and pumped up about everything this time of year, as it just makes me feel sooooo happy. Not just with my blog content B U T with my style, cooking, crafts, lifestyle and even my make-up. I feel more inspired to be daring with overly patterned dresses, to go a bit darker and bolder with my make-up, try out new spices in the kitchen or even take part in new activities.

I’m so excited to get to share with you all the creative goodies I have been up !!

so stay tuned!


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Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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  1. I’m really looking forward to autumn this year which is odd for me as I am a huge lover of summer!!! I’m defo gonna be looking for some chunky throws for the house and can’t wait to wear skirts, tights and boots! Loved this post 💕 xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved reading this you know how much I love autumn! You’re pictures are so cute in here too and I love that green dress!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha thank you so much for your lovely comment! Make the most of the indoor cosy pj days! Movie nights and home comfort! Avoid all that cold if it’s not your thing 🧡🧡

      Finlay Grace x


  3. I love this post! It has given me all the Autumn vibes! I really love your style, the green dress is gorgeous. I love dressing for the season in big comfy warm jumpers, Dr Martens and chunky scarves. I also feel that my creativity is inspired this time of year with the changing of the colours and having more cosy stay at home days. Thank you for sharing, lovely post! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

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