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How fast has this year gone!? Really not ready for a new year to come around, I’ve only just got used to writing the date correctly.

Its been a while since I wrote a monthly favourites post B U T I have stuck true to my word, as I mentioned in my MONTHLY FAVOURITES – APRIL 18 EDITION post that I would only ever write a monthly favourites post if I had genuine things worth talking about! & boy oh boy do I have some fabulous things to be telling you!

P.s I know this monthly favourites is well… rather late! B U T better late than never right? am I right?



Lets get down to it, kicking it off with…

Paul McCartney – Egypt Station 

Growing up my dad would have the Beetles playing from time to time, among other artists. I have a vague memory that whenever decorating was being done in the house, dad would be dressed in his light blue washed jeans covered in paint, a plain white tee, black Rebook classic high tops and ‘a yellow submarine’ playing in the background. I’m one of those people who knows the lyrics to a song but can not always name who they are written by. As I got older and grew wiser I began to learn bits and bobs about the Beetles. Alot of my music is influenced by my parents and I’m always partial to a bit of Yazoo, The Beach Boys and Abba!

I love a good feel, easy listening, sing-a-long album & Paul McCartney’s new album is just that. It feels very fresh, happy, upbeat and just a great pick me up. I’ve even convinced my friend AC to give it a listen as she is lovinn it!!

Give ‘Come On To Me’ & ‘Fuh You’ a listen and you’ll know what I mean!


American Horror Story –  Cult

I haven’t really watched AHS since the ‘Hotel’ series, and even then I found it difficult to make it through the series. I just felt like it wasn’t as strong as previous series that they have created. Don’t even get me started on Roanoke, honestly 3 episodes in and I still wasn’t hooked!! Sooo about two years had went by when I hadn’t really watched any AHS.

T H E N ‘Cult’ happened. As many of you will know who are a fan of the AHS, America is lucky enough to get the series a year before us brits. Due to the new series being released over in America, the previous series ‘Cult’ is now available on the British Netflix. Now I’d heard amazing reviews about this one, plus my bestie AC was raving about it.

BOY OH BOY! Yassss! This series is amazing, I would go as far to say its in my top three out of all the AHS series! The setting is current, it’s got a T H I C K story line, several story lines within and strong bold characters. As usual it is very, very messed up. Prewarning for those who haven’t watched it… if you don’t like clowns… well lets just say you might want to give this one a miss.


Faith in Nature – Brave Botanicals – Shampoo and Conditioner 

Faith in Nature, create natural, ethical products and have been doing so since the early 1970’s. There creations stem around their beliefs in nature and the power of plants. Carefully selecting their ingredients on their delicious fragrances as well as their healing quality’s and other benefits.

I’ve actually been using their shampoo & conditioners for over 3-4 months. I discovered them in TKMax one weekend, ever since then, when I enter their store I make sure to clear the shelf! I’m a tad obsessed. Currently in my stock I have their Kiwi, Sweet Lavender and Exquisite Damask Rose. It wasn’t until after I have emptied quite a few bottles did I realise that not only are they a cruelty free company… but also vegan!

It leaves my hair feeling, thick, fresh, impeccably clean and revitalised! Thumbs up all round from this gal! Strong 10/10


DW Home – Candles 

Surprise, surprise its another TKMax purchase. Do you blame me though? Their candle collection is amazing! It just so happened that every candle I’ve picked up recently is a DW Home candle. Clearly they just call to me. Firstly, I just love the design of their candle pots. Very simplistic, yet classic and would quite easily blend into the interior design of anyones home this season. I purchased ‘Hey Pumpkin’, which is simply a pumpkin spice scent and I also picked up ‘Haverest Pumpkin + Spice’ – which once again is a pumpkin spice sent but with a coconut wax blend. The difference between the two is, one is more sweet where the other is richer with earthy tones.

DW Home Candles come in a series of different scents and sizes, so make sure to check them all out!


Costa – Bonfire Spiced Family

I mean who D O E S N T count down the days untill Costa drops their festive menu? There is nothing better than nursing a brew during those cold windy days to get rid of the numb cold feeling in your finger tips. This year Costa released the ‘Bonfire Spiced Family’, which is a collection of three drinks. Primo Sized Latte, Hot Chocolate & Cold Brew Coffee. Costas description of the collection is mouth watering, take a listen… “Delicious notes of rich caramel toffee with smoky, toasted spices topped with crunchy caramel vermicelli”.

I mean. Dayummmm!

& if that isn’t good enough for you they have even created a rich chocolate and salted caramel cake & a orange cinnamon bun to go with your selected brew!

& Lastly…


Primark – Tartan E V E R Y T H I N G!

Okay so. I’m really not much of a Primark shopper. I’m just not drawn towards the shop, I find it difficult to really ever find something and when I do it normally doesn’t sit right or the fabric is weird B U T once in a blue moon they get it 100% right. Boy oh boy am I living in these tartan trousers and scarf! I’m a tartan fanatic at the best of times, always on the hunt to add to my collection.

Especially this time of year when the cold weather sets in. I think its way to easy to become focused on being allll layered up and warm. Sometimes my personal style suffers for it, my outfits become a bit.. dare I say it.. B O R I N G! I always manage to pull myself out of that mood and this year helping me is my M A N Y tartan trousers and fabulous huge pattern scarfs! In particular the ones from Primark!


Till next time feel free to check out my…


Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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  1. I love TKMaxx! I’ll need to keep an eye out for Faith in Nature’s shampoo and conditioner and I definitely have to go there soon to stock up on candles. They have such a great collection! Loving your tartan look, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your style so much, Primark always do amazing tartan pieces and New Look have some good ones too at the minute if you’re looking for any more! I’m totally with you on AHS Cult it was amazing wasn’t it even though I thought it was definitely the most messed up season yet, Roanoke was terrible I hated that but I’m so excited for the new crossover series as Murder House and Coven were my favourites! You need to watch The Haunting of Hill House if you haven’t already it’s on Netflix and it was SO good!

    Jess //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thats so weird my friend recommended that yesterday as well, definitely going to have to take a look now! Need to finish Elite first though 🧡 I don’t know how to watch the new AHS season because it’s only in America isn’t it?!
      Ooo thank for the tip about tartan goodies 💕🙌🏻 xx


      1. It’s been on Fox in the UK apparently but I didn’t know so didn’t get chance to series link it in time! & no problem lovely x

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I totally agree, think they lost it a bit after Coven! Definitely brought it back for Cult! So I’ve got super high hopes for Apocalypse 🙌🏻🙈 Thanks for reading Chloé 🧡

      Finlay Grace x


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