G O O D – M O R N I N G 

Well, the Autumn season has well and truly set in. Leaves have changed colour and began to drop. There is a nip in the air, Blogtober is well on its way, interior design shops are exploding with warm colours and pumpkin spice candles A N D this all makes me SUPER HAPPY!!

So far this Autumn I have:

  • Visited a Exhibition at a Bowes Museum
  • Done A L O T of home baking
  • Decorated my room to match the season
  • Pulled out all my chunky boots
  • Went pumpkin picking
  • Done an Autumn clothing haul
  • & collected so many conkers!

B U T there is a lot more on my tick list I need to get through!

Today I’m going to be sharing with you my six must have hats this Autumn. I’ve always loved a good hat since I can remember. My hat collection is one that is quite weird and wonderful, a hat for every occasion appears in my collection. However, I haven’t got time nor the energy to talk you through all of my hats. So lets just stick to my six favs this season.

Lets do this! 


ACS_0246The Bobble Hat

Lets get the obvious one out the way. How could I not do an Autumn must have hats blog post and not involve a fabulous wooly hat? This one I picked up from Boohoo, I was instantly drawn to the colours and although I have a vast amount of bobble hats of all shape and size it has been quite a few years since I owned a beanie wooly bobble hat. I just think it looks so chic!

A wooly hat will never go out of style, so stock up!

ACS_0247The Baker Boy

I have owned many Baker Boy hats over the years! This hat has a lot of history, been originally know as the Newspaper/ Poor boy and Fisherman hat. Its such a powerful statement, full of character and I honestly think everyone should be owning at least O N E this season!

Its my smart casual go to hat!

ACS_0243The Fedora

Y A S S ! One of my all time favourite hats! So many of my idols have been snapped wearing one. They are so easy to accessorise, I’ve been know to add neckscarfs, bandanas, badges, pins and many other weird and wonderful things! By adding things to The Fedora, your making it your own, expressing your style and this way no one else will be rocking the same look! At the beginning of Autumn when we get those crazy sun rays, slight chills but next to no wind… this is the hat you want to be wearing.

Perfect hat to go exploring on long forest walks!

ACS_0248The Beret

Character. Daring. Bold.

Just W O W! This hat is from a company called Scared Hawk, I love their clothes but dayumm do I love their accessories more! (I’ve done a full review of this hat here, along with other Sacred Hawk products.) I just think a hat is more than just something to keep your noggin warm, it can bring your whole outfit together and it can make a statement! Like I said, it is bold it is a little daring and not everyone is a fan of them! So go in to a store and try before you buy!

This hat for me, brings me confidence. I just feel badass in it! #noshame

ACS_0249The Distressed Cap

If this isn’t giving you tomboy, Hilary duff, 1990s vibes… then honestly I don’t know what will. I believe we all have a little tomboy in us and a distressed cap, with a day dress and beat up sneaks is just the cutest this time of year! This would be perfect for like a super casual day paired up with some cheeky chunky plaits!

ACS_0244The Earmuffs

Okay… so technically N O T a hat! B U T they are so flipping cute?! We all come across those days where our ears are supperr cold but the weave is on fleek. So if you want to skip that hat hair aftermath what wearing a bobble hat all day causes, yet still want those cosy warm ears.. well the earmuffs are calling your name!

We can agree they are cute, yes?


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Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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  1. All of these are so cute!! I love baker boy hats AND berets…but I look ridiculous in them. My family told me I look like a train driver in them…so sweet of them 😂😂😂 I love my fedora though, and it suits me! Thank god!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wow girl, you look great in every single style of hat here! I have a couple of bobble hats and they are so cosy, I’m loving the earmuffs too, how adorably cute!! Thanks for sharing, sounds like you are having a great Autumn so far, I’d love to go pumpkin picking! ❤ xx

    Bexa |

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVE this post!!! I’m such a hat person, but I don’t have a huge collection. This really makes me want to expand it, especially now that it’s colder and I want to keep my head and ears warm. Someone else has my beret right now, so I definitely want to get a new one – and yours is so cute! And I need a decent pair of earmuffs now, too 😍 Amazing post!

    Beka |

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aww such a cute post! I love the baker boy style hat but I cannot pull the look off sadly haha. Great post hun, I can’t wait to read more of your content 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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