Blogmas has A R R I V E D! 

Personally, I am soooooo excited to read and watch everyones festive content! I will not be partaking in posting everyday here on my blog, however if you head on over to my Instagram I’m doing my version of Blogmas by posting a festive picture everyday! Link to my Instagram can be found… H E R E!

Enough of the self-promotion..

You are here for ‘The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a ‘Secret Santa’ Gift This Christmas!’ and I am happy to announce that this is my F I R S T collaboration with the amazing Jess, writer/creator of ‘Foundations and Fairytales’. So make sure that once you finish reading this post you take your booty right over to her blog for more Secret Santa gift guide goodness! Link to Foundations and Fairytales post can be found… H E R E!

Lets do this!


Let’s be honest, when someone asks you to take part in ‘Secret Santa’ the thought is rather daunting. Regardless of if it is between friends, family or work colleagues. So I’m here to give you some advice on what you should be looking for because I don’t know about you, but I hate giving the cliche alcohol and bath sets?
Roughly, Secret Santa gifts tend to be around the £10-15 price range! Sooo what I’ve decided to do is give you 4 ideas in that price range and a cheeky little wild card that is more around the £20+ price range for the final idea!

Lets start with my alllll time favourite present to gift…


This is rather sad of me that the one thing in the world I love shopping for most is mugs and glasses but i’m honestly O B S E S S E D! I just think you can get so much variety in colour, shape and size plus they are super easy for a personal gift. M&S have currently got some cute sparkly alphabet tumbler glasses in stock that have gold trim on the top and a letter printed on the front in both upper and lower case. These are approximately £6.

Pairing this gift with some novelty socks (Normally some super cute ones in Newlook & Tesco this time of year that you can pick up for £2.50), a sachet of hot chocolate or coffee, some mini marshmallow and possibly a mini alcohol such as whiskey or Baileys and you’ve got yourself a cosy little secret Santa gift.

This gift is so flexible, if you don’t want to go for a initial designed glass and know that they are in to fishing? have a pet cat? or love novelty stuff you can always find a mug with such designs on in Asda and TKmax. If your not sure if they like alcohol you can always substitute it for another hot chocolate or coffee sachet and throw in a mini chocolate bar or pack of sweets.

Glass £6
Socks £2.50
Drink Sachet 50p-£1
Alcohol £2-3
Mini chocolate £1

Final Price Approx: £13.50


This time of year I love nothing more than cosying up in a unfathomable amount of pillows and teddy bear throws while reading a fabulously heart warming book. I’m a chick flick kind-a gal through and through, so writers like Paige Toon, Giovanna Fletcher and Sophie Kinsella are right up my street. However, recently I picked up ‘ An Island Christmas’ by Jenny Colgan. The cover illustrations are super festive and I think this book  mixed with a festive candle such as a ‘Winter spice’, ‘Cinnamon and Orange’ or ‘Rich Red Berry’ would be super cute!

I’d totally recommend TKmax for cute little candles or Next! Last year Next where selling  a ‘Gin Fizz’ Scented candle and I sware I picked up one for 75% of my family. To top this gift off, I’d throw in a fancy facemask and you’ve got the perfect little bundle! The candle actually photographed in the flatlay’s above is a ‘Rhubarb and Custard’ scented candle and I picked it up from Debenhams, its actually I N S A N E! Smell’s exactly like the boiled sweets you can get!!

P.s When buying someone a book, I do feel like you need to know them rather well so possibly more suitable for Secret Santa between family and friends rather than work collegues!

Book £7-10
Candle £3
Facemask £2

Final Price Approx: £15


Scarfs, SCARFS & S C A R F S! 
My friends can 100% vouch for me when I say I love buying people scarfs, especially A.C. They are just the perfect accessories for this time of year and you can never have enough! My personal favourite type of scarves are definitely those that are tartan, I love a mixture of both the traditional and non-traditional tartan prints. Just know your target market and choose the colour wisely.

Throw in some festive AF pom-pom earrings, maybe even a pack of choccy and you got yourself the cutest little secret Santa gift combo!

Both the scarf and pom-poms are from Boohoo but I’d recommend looking in places like H&M and Primark. Earlier this year I got the most fabulous tartan scarf from Primark and if you take a look over on my instagram you will realise I legit have worn it TO DEATH!

Scarfs £10
Festive AF Earrings £2.50
(Optional) Chocolate £2.50

Final Price Approx: £15


Lets talk games! If your swapping Secret Santa gifts at a staff party, family gathering or any other festivity that gives you enough time to play some cheeky games then the game gift is what you need!

I’ve played it pretty PG with a Disney card game, that i picked up in M&S for an amazing £5 pound (You can pick it up in a range of different genres) B U T if you want something a little more 18+ head on over to places like ‘not on the high-street’ and ‘Man-Kind’, to pick yourself up SHOT JENGA! or SPIN A SHOT! or BEER PONG! 

You get the idea.. anything that involves a alcoholic forfeit!

If you’ve picked your little cousins name out of a Santa hat for Secret Santa maybe stick with regal Jenga over Shot Jenga.

Game £5-£10

Final Price approx: £10


THE WILD CARD! So me and Jess decided that we would do a little wild card for the final Secret Santa gift idea. Boy oh boy does your girl got a golden goodie to end this Secret Santa Extravaganza!!

This wonderful benefit package comes in at a whopping price of £25 B U T overall value of FIFTY SEVEN POUND! How amazing is that? It includes ‘They’re Real! mascara in jet black full-size 8.5g, Hoola matte bronzer full-size 8.0g, The POREfessional: Pearl Primer mini 7.5ml’. This gift is absolute smack down perfect for those pricier Secret Santas between your besties and famalam! (famalam = Family)

I truly believe its a BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF gift, that no Secret Santa make-up addict will be expecting in a innocent gift exchange!

P.s Not only is this a limited edition set but also a Benefit collectables box!


Make sure you double, triple check out Foundations and Fairytales ‘Secret Santa’ gift guide along with her other fabulous Disney and make-up filled content!

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  1. Thankyou so much for collabing with me girl! I loved reading this all your gifts were so unique and thought out and you’ve actually included things I want for Christmas like that Disney card game and that Benefit gift set they look fab!!

    Jess //


  2. Great secret santa gift guide, you can’t go wrong with a scarf! I used to find secret santa so difficult to do because you usually have only a certain amount to spend (I always go over though) and if you don’t know the person so well (if its a work one) it’s so hard! But there’s so many amazing lil fun gifts now!

    Chloe xx

    Liked by 1 person

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