Happy Blogmas Y’all!

Hoping everyone is soaking up all the festive goodness and spending their feel time browsing garden centres, Christmas markets and swooshing around on ice rinks! I’ve got a few plans over the next few weeks including, last min shopping, days filled of EXTRA AF wrapping, a works night out and a mini break to London with SDK between Christmas and the New Year!

So this got me think, with allll the social events and plans I have coming up, what am I going to wear?




When it comes to personal style I’m some what a bit of a chameleon, I love a range of different styles and I’m continuously swapping in between them all. So today I wanted to give you a little insight to some of my more ‘grundy’ looks for the festive season. All of these looks have been styled with my trusty Dr.Martens and a thick pair of walking socks.

Without further ado…


How could I not do an Alternative Christmas Look-Book and not involve a kilt?

My Fathers side of the family are Scottish, originally from Glasgow and I’m 100% proud to be part of the family, so it goes without saying that its in my blood that I’m going to be obsessed with tartan. Due to the blinding white milk bottle legs, it will come to no surprise that I’d typically choose a pair of fitted tartan trousers over a skirt B U T on them rare days I’m feeling particularly daring I love nothing better than whipping out my skirt!

This skirt in particular is from Jack Wills Christmas collection last year, it loverly and thick, a simple wrap around that is secured with two buttons and has the most beautiful pleats at the back for detail. I do believe this skirt was available in both a red and green tartan.

I decided to pair with my skirt a oversized shirt with printed star details. I believe I bought this shirt from Boohoo and is available in both Black and White. Personally, I am very drawn to astrology prints but if that not your thing a simple black fitted top layered with a variation of different length necklaces would look just as fab!

I think this look would be perfect for any casual tidy day, maybe a browse round some Christmas markets while sipping at a baileys hot choccy with A L L of the marshmallows?

Next up…



Another astrology print! See what I mean by I’m drawn to them?

Once again this is another Boohoo purchase. As I grow older I am more about the midi than mini dresses. I think its a age thing, does that make me sound old? I do like to still show some skin no matter how milk bottle white I am. So a Asymmetric dress is what I feel I am drawn to most, not old a little bit more mature and chic than the many mini dresses I own but also a little bit more edgy!

Although my hairstyle was actually inspired by Carrie Bradshaws while she is best man at her gay best-friends wedding in the second Sex & The City movie, I do believe I’m giving more Bellatrix Lastrange vibes from the Harry Potter movies while in this dress! Not that i’m complaining HAHA!

I think this look would be perfect for a casual cocktail night with friends and family!




This is without doubt the most nostalgic style of the three outfits I’ve shown today. I use to L I V E in skater dresses and no doubt my long time bestie LS would totally be able to back me up on it!

When you get older Christmas does seem to lose its magic and in order to keep the Christmas spirit alive and in full motion I do believe its important to keep traditions, make the effort and do things soooo nostalgic it melts you adult heart back to childhood.

This dress I’ve had I think for about 4-5 years, surprisingly its from Superdry, comes in various different patterns and IT HAS POCKETS!! I don’t know about any one else but pockets in dresses are A M A Z I N G for me! Its the little things in life. Ohh, one bad thing about this dress is, it has no zip so it a bit of a chew putting it off and on B U T I like to think it worth it for what it looks like once its on! I’m not much of a ‘boob tube’ person, so instead I put a cute little short sleeved black bodysuit underneath.. once again from Boohoo.

This is without a doubt my favourite look! The teen Fin deep inside me is jumping for joy.


Hope you enjoyed a little insight to a more grungy tartan look-book this festive seasons. Little reminder to everyone of you creative weirdos that no matter what style you love rocking you can always add a splash of festive to it this year!

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Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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  1. Love these outfits, the tartan skater dress is my favourite! My two go-to style favourites are Dr Martens and tartan. Completely agree about keeping Christmas traditions alive – it makes every Christmas so exciting. 🙂
    S x |

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