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How exciting! It’s a new year, full of new possibilities, new resolutions and new adventures. This year I’m living for the quote ‘You only get out, what you put in’. So this girl is 110% putting her ALL into 2019!! Now… Lets dive into what you really came to read about!!



You probably know of Lush cosmetics for their A-MAZE-ING bath bombs, that no doubt sneak up on your Instagram feed looking all delicious, colourful, sometimes sparkly and  almost definitely edible looking… or is that just me? Well, as much I am partial to a funky looking bath bomb (More for the ability to snap it and post it on the gram… don’t judge me we all do it!), I am very much more a hair care person!

So I thought I’d share with you lovely lot my latest haul from Lush Cosmetics Hair-care section. I thought you should know, if you don’t already.. all of of Lush Cosmetics products are Handmade, 100% Vegetarian and Ethical. They hire the most A-MAZE-ING, Bubbly, Helpful people to work for them, so no matter what store you go into I pretty much can guarantee that you will get the BEST help and guidance to finding the perfect product for you!

Lets do this!
Starting with Shampoo & Conditioner…

DADDY-O – Shampoo

I’m a big believer in swapping and changing my shampoo regularly, I tend to swap between mainstream brands such as Treseme and Vegan/ Vegetarian friendly companies. I just think my hair really benefits from the constant switch up and I find that my hair is at its best when using vegan/ Vegetarian shampoo, I don’t fully know why but all I can tell you is my hair is GLOWING!

Daddy-o shampoo is labeled as ‘A Purple shampoo to stop blondes going brassy. Violet and fresh lemons work beautifully together to keep grey and blonde hair bright and shiny (and it works just as well for brunettes too!)’. Two of the main ingredients are Fresh Lemonsfor cleansing and give the hair masses of shine and Violet Leaffinishes the shampoo off with a lovely, floral, parma violet smell. 

I’ve got to say I am loving the product, it is really keeping my hair looking fresh, bright and healthy. I’m not a lover of parma violets as a taste or smell so I have to look past that little blip… but its worth it for my hairs aftermath when using this product. I tend to use it once every three washes for those who are wondering and  this product is available in four sizes, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1K.

Price: £22.50 (500g)


VEGANESE – Conditioner

So a strong 5/7 days a week my hair is either tied up or braided and stuck under a bumper hat. Its part of my PPE (personal protective equipment) that is mandatory for me to wear at work while doing my job. So conditioner is a HUGE part of my hair care routine, I don’t use it sparingly and I like to know it is repairing and restoring my hair to its best possible state! Period!

Veganese conditioner is labeled as ‘Newtons law of gravity is now just a guideline. Gentle lavender and rosemary soothes scalps, while agar agar softens, leaving hair light and flowing free’. It actually smells A-MAZE-ING! Like honestly so earthy and natural with a hint of sweet lemon… if your in to that.. which I so AM!

This product is fantastic and really what my hair needs after days of being stuck under a bumper hat! Once again this is another products that comes in four sizes, 100g, 250g, 500g and 1K. Little tip with washing your hair that I tend to find that gives me the best final look, is brushing my hair with a tangle teaser before washing, during when the conditioner is on my hair and after I have rinsed and towel dried my hair!

Honestly I do not know if its only me who does that or if everyone does B U T I live by it! Y A S S!!

Price: £10.95

Now, Lets talk…



I thought I’d tell you a little bit about what a ‘Hot Oil Treatment’ is. So while y’all are getting all hung up on the latest and greatest face-mask thats out, I’m over here in my little corner hyping about hair-masks, honestly they are the BOMB! I’m truly routing for Hair-masks to over take the face-mask obsession for everyone in 2019, so I have more people to talk to them about.

They are very much the same concept but instead of for your face.. its for you hair. Duh. So there is different styles, types and made from different ingredients. To choose the one best for you, just identify what it is about your hair you want to correct. Is your hair dry? greasy? dull? needs a nutrient replenish? ect ect.

Most Hair-masks come in a packet and are applied to your hair after you’ve washed, conditioned and towel dried. However, Lush Cosmetics instructions for their Hot Oil Treatments are ‘Apply generously to dry hair, and leave on for around 20 minutes (we advice you spend this time lying in a steamy bath with a good book). After your hair has been fully nourished with all the loverly fresh ingredients, rinse off and shampoo and condition as normal. The effects will last up to 6 weeks.’. Sounds promising right?

To prepare each Hot Oil Treatment consists of 6 easy steps, that they have Kindly printed on to the lolly pop stick that your hair mask comes on. Simply boil a kettle, add the boiling water to a mug and stir in your Hot Oil Treatment, it will slowly turn into a thicker substance. Feel free to add more water but be careful to not over do it or you will complete lose the thickness. Then let it cool, apply on your lovely locks starting at your roots and working down over. Finally chill for 20 minuets and finish by doing your normal Shampoo and condition routine!

T A! D A! 

Here are the three Hot Oil Treatments I picked up…


NEW HOT OIL – Hair Treatment 

I’m starting with my favourite! W A R N I N G!! It actually smells I N S A N E! This particular Hot Oil Treatment is designed to stimulate, hydrate, strengthen, add shine and leave you with a refreshing sensation. Some of the things it contains is Jojoba, olive oil, rosemary, peppermint, clove bud oils and cinnamon leafs.

Its very strong in scent, containing very earthy rich tones and 100% my most recommend out of Lush Cosmetics Hot Oil Treatments.

Price: £6.95


DAMAGED HOT OIL – Hair Treatment

If you couldn’t tell by the name, this Hot Oil Treatment is for ‘Damaged’ hair! The result of using this one should leave your hair smooth, silky and rebooted. It contains ingredients such as virgin olive oil, almond oil, organic avocado oil and vanilla.

Totally would recommend this Hot Oil Treatment if your simply wanting to give your hair a new lease on life!

Price: £6.95


YUGE HOT OIL – Hair Treatment

Finally, the Hot Oil treatment thats aim is to add texture and volume to your lovely locks! Containing a overwhelming sent of fresh spearmint, sea salt, jojoba oil and guar gum. This treatment for me personally leaves me feeling the most refreshed, I think this is due to the sea salt and spearmint.

Price: £6.95

All the Hot Oil treatments are said to have a lasting effect on your hair of up to 6 weeks and remember if you make to much of the mixture you can always put it to one side and use as top-ups for an amazing FOUR weeks! Hows that for value?

So there you have it a low down of my favourite hair-care products from Lush Cosmetics! Feel free to comment below what your favourite product are and the ones you are considering giving a go!!


Hope you enjoyed a little insight to a more grungy tartan look-book this festive seasons. Little reminder to everyone of you creative weirdos that no matter what style you love rocking you can always add a splash of festive to it this year!

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  1. As much as I shop at LUSH I’ve never dabbled in their hair care or their face masks! Daddy-O sounds amazing esp since I use to bleach my hair a lot and I hated when it got brassy! Back then I had no idea how to fix it. Now there’s so many tips and options out there that I’m tempted to bleach it again lol.

    The hot oils look super interesting as well — my fiance has really long and curly textured hair so I’m always on the hunt for leave in stuff to keep it nice and soft! I may look into some of these the next time I’m there!

    Liked by 1 person

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