Happy 2020!

Welcome to a new year full of new opportunity’s, new adventures and… new skin-care routines.

oh, you better believe this was planned, wrote and ready to be published monthsss ago BUT life got in the way, with new jobs, new routines and well…now its time to stop making excuses. Now, is the time to sit down, focus my ass on what makes me happy and get all C R E A T I V E!

Enter first blog post of 2020.

What Dr.Jart+ Products do I want to try?


After spending your Christmas period celebrating at staff parties with one to many tipples, unravelling chocolate wrappers and all the while probably making the most typical excuses to why you don’t have time to go to the gym, I bet your complexion has paid for it. Rather than continuing to literally cover up the blaring red blemishes with our favourite concealers its time to actually do something about them.

Introducing my new favourite skincare products… Dr.Jart+ ‘Strong CICA’. This little kit turned up as a stocking filler from SDK, curtsey of our shared Asos account. This particular skincare kit includes a Re.Pair Serum, Cream and Colour Correcting Treatment.


Since receiving this skincare product it has been making an appearance in my skincare routine between 2-3 three times a week. I find the products leave my skin feeling fresh, nourished, moist and red blemishes reduced. One of the key ingredients in the Cicapair collection is Tiger Grass, it is a multi benefit ingredient known for its redness relieving properties, stimulations of cell turnover, rapid healing and it was traditionally a very old ingredient used in Chinese medicine to help heal wounds.

All those fun facts for you!

There is several products in the Dr.Jart+ Cicapair collection, which are available in numerous different sizes, as singlets and multiple mini bundles. The bundle I received came in a small cylinder box, a simple pop off lid, bold pink background with tropical leaves surrounding the bottom. The overall design is very aesthetically pleasing and makes for easy storage.


The products are advised to be used a in a 3 step process, firstly the Tiger Grass Re.Pair Serum. There is actually 2 of the Re.Pair Serums included in this bundle, both come in a easy squeeze tube with a twist off cap and contain 5ml of said serum. It is oil based which has a slight tinge of green which helps to tackle those red blemishes, I find a little drop on the top of each cheek is enough coverage for all of my face.


Next is the Tiger Grass Color Correcting Treatment (5ml) , which is actually my favourite product in this wee collection. Its described as having the ability to neutralise redness and protect skin, just like the serum it has a tint of green but also provides SPF 30 protection. This is definitely a product I would consider buying again, in a larger pot as it instantly moisturises my skin and attacks those red blemishes like there is no tomorrow. My skin feels even due to its beautiful consistency and the smell is so refreshing a natural, imagine freshly cut grass!


Lastly is Tiger Grass Cream, this is actually the biggest product in the collection, holding 15ml of product. It is described as a product that will help repair tired and sensitive skin, aiming to sooth damage caused by dryness, irritation and inflammation. It is a slightly thicker  consistancy than the Color Correcting Treatment but once again the coverage is amazing so I would only recommend a little drop on the top of each cheek bone and possibly one on your forehead if your feeling it.

Overall this collection is prefect size to test the products without breaking the bank, travel savvy and in my opinion the best way to get back in to a skincare routine after the festive season.

So to sum this little blog post up:

  1. I’m obsessed with trying mini bundles before purchasing the large products.
  2. I’m striving to make 2020 the year I crack the code for the perfect skin-care products for my skin type.
  3. The products are simple, effective and surprisingly a little drop goes a long way!


I hope you enjoyed this mini blog post. I honestly just really benefited from these products during the January period and thought I would share my forever growing love of mini skin-care product bundles.

P.s if you’ve got any products, tips or tricks you’d like to share form the skin-care world, leave a comment below!

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