Introducing Fin

Creative – Positive- Relatable


Hi there, I’m Fin. A 23 years young social media content creator. What a mouthful.

I’m facing what I like to call the ‘Fear Zone’. I’ve completed my 3 years at uni studying BA (Hons) Textiles and Surfaces Design, graduated and now ended up in a full-time job not at all associated with my degree. Who can relate?

So whats next for me? Well…  I do not know.
Is the short answer.

So in the mean time, in an attempt to stay creative ‘Finlay Grace Allan’ was born. You can expect Personal Style, Interior, Life and Travel posts amongst many more. I may not be a expert in any of the above listed B U T what I am is a passionate, positive and relatable creative weirdo.

So come join me on this journey in discovering what in fact does life have planned for me!