Day 4/31 August

Hey everyone, how you doing? how you been?

I’ve recently just got back from my holi-boli-days with my other half SDK. We went for a week away in Salou. It was a week full of sun, sand, swimming, adventures, local cuisines, water parks plus a a day trip to Barcelona. Safe to say, we had a fantastic holiday!

…however I am glad to be back home!

I am your typical blonde hair blue eyed girly and me and beaming hot sun do not see eye to eye. Basically.. I CANT HANDLE THE HEAT!

As much as I love summer (really really do!), I just don’t know what to do with myself! Unless I’m constantly in a swimming pool I just cant cope! I don’t know what to do, what to wear, where to go! N A D A!

Soooo I tend to go for the covered in factor 50.. thick look! While Sat in the shade, with my head in a book and a ice lolly to cool me down! (I read two A-MAZE-ING books, I will be doing book review for yall book worms out there!)

So yeah although I had a fantastic holiday, I’m glad to be home, back to reality & most importantly I’ve got my own bed back!

So now the pleasantry’s and holiday update are out the way, lets talk about what this blog is reallyyy about…



Basically I have come to notice every Fri-YAY, I end up in Boots spending a bit of dolla on cosmetics and skin care, it is becoming a bit of a habit. So I’ve decided to take it upon myself that every time I feel like one of these mini hauls may have some interest to yall, that I’m going to blog it.

Here is to a first of many to come!

Lets begin. First up… MAKE-UP BRUSHES


Spectrum Beauty Fix 6 Piece Brush SetAO1, AO3, AO5, A17, BO4 & BO6

Basically, I’ve had my eye on this particular company for a few years now. So although I would of preferred their ‘Water’ Brush set, which is part of the Zodiac collection, I thought I ought to test out some of their other brushes first, to see if they are really worth the hype? The answer to that is Y E S !!

Over the years I have used brushes from companys like NYX, NO7, Elf and my personal favourite Real Techniques. Spectrum brushes however, blow all of these out of the water! The brushes are incredibly soft to the touch, clean really well, do not seem to lose hair and above allll apply make-up flawlessly!

The 6 piece brush set that I chose includes 2 eye shadow brushes, 1 for applying and 1 for blending. A Foundation brush, Eyebrow brush, Contour Brush and finally a Powder brush! All of which are made from high quality synthetic hair, vegan registered and cruelty free!

My personal favourites are the Contour & Eyebrow brush! So sharp and fabulous!

So go ahead and check out other Spectrum products, you will not be disappointed! Have a browse about, they have their own website, sell through ASOS and of course Boots, you might be able to snatch yourself a cheeky deal!

Next up… Eye shadow!


Obsession Eyeshadow – Brooklyn & Crimson

Obsession, is from what I can only presume a new brand to have joined the Boots Beauty Family, seen as the stand has only just recently appeared in several Boots stores. Their products are super affordable, cute simplistic packaging and come in a rannnngeee of colours!  It might be summer (..almost over though YAY!) but I am a autumn type of girl, though and through! So when it comes to eye shadow I always seem most drawn towards the orangey, warm shades.

Plus, orange tones suuper compliment my blue eyes!

I decided to check out their Eye Shadows in the shades, Brooklyn & Crimson. Since purchasing them I have used them a hand full of times, I have found they blend together really well, so I’m super pleased with my picks! However, they are described as highly pigmented, which I wouldn’t 100% agree with, for a drug store product though they are really good, like a solid 7.5/10. On the plus side, the texture is rather creamy almost, so you do not have to deal with to much Eye Shadow dust going all over your joint!

For £2-£3, can you really ask for much more?

Moving on to… Lip Kit!


Obsession – Matte Naked Lip Kit – Booty Call


I’ve always been interested in Lip Kits. Since I’ve discovered Lipstick I’ve always been that type of girl who refused to buy a lipstick with out a matching lip liner. It honestly boggles my mind the people who can have their Lipstick on without a matching Lip Liner!

Is that only me who thinks that?

So you can imagine that when the Lip Kits came about I was super stoked! I’ve tried a few but my biggest difficulty was finding a shade that works well with my complexion. I’m a very… very… very! pale individual! My boyfriends mother just recently described me as a ‘Classic English Rose’. Oh yeah peeps, I’m that level of pale!

So while purchasing my Eye Shadows, I thought that I’d check out their Lip Kits! Booty Call, is the name of the shade. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that had a big influence to why I was drawn to this shade! Booty Call is described as a ‘soft mauve nude’, which although after trying I have decided that its probably more suitable for night-time wear than day-time for me personally.

The product is matte, creamy, drys quick, lastest agesssss and for the price of £5 I’d say that is pretty damn I N S A N E !

Check it out yourself if you don’t believe me!

Finally… Eyeliner & Stamp!


Rimmel London – Ink Me Stamp Tattoo & Hypnotic Gold Eyeliner!

Confession time! When I was younger, I was really obsessed with liquid eyeliner, mastering the perfect flick and drawing patterns around my eyes. At one time I was really damn good at it but as I grew older, I grew out of it. I am still most obsessed with Eye make-up products, I really do like finding something that makes my eyes pop. Some girls are good at contouring or making their lips look supper plump. Where me, my talents lay with eye products when it comes to the make-up world.

So I couldn’t help but be drawn to these two products. Bit of a nostalgic feeling to be truthful.

I had a play about with them, they didn’t fail to amuse me for a few hours. The Hypnotic Gold Eye Liner has become what of a daily appearance, its super creamy, easy to apply and feels perfect for during the summer/festival season. Although, I would warn you not to lose the lid as the tip does seem to dry up a little without it. If it does dry, simple use a sharpener to take of a layer and it back to as good as new!

As for the stamp, very impressive. Its precise, dries quick and doesn’t budge or blare! I wouldn’t wear it everyday but when ever I’m feeling daring, it most certainly would be making an appearance! Hear is to hoping new shapes will be available soon!



If I had to chose, the Rimmel London – Hypnotic Gold Eye Liner would have to be my favourite product! Feel free to leave in the comments what you product you like the sound of most! & if you’d like to see more posts like this one!

As always I love your comments and feedback, so keep’em coming!

Till next time,
Lots of love, your gal…


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